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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


As many of yu know and can see, Jason and I went on vacation a week ago.  I love Mexico and we usually go to Cancun but decided we would opt for the more peaceful part of Mexico and go to Playa Del Carmen.  It was a great decision.  We stayed at a wonderful hotel called the Sandos Playacar beach resort and spa.  We had a room right on the beach that we could open our back door and be on a patio listening and watching the waves.  (Def. worth the extra money if you have never been and it is just you and the hubby/wifey)  The first day there, we opted to just relax and have a nice dinner at the resort. (We ALWAYS go all-inclusive, all drinks and food are paid for.)  We also had two other couples go with us and it was awesome being able to experience all of this with someone else.  The next day Jason and I opted to just go by ourselves to Cozumel and rent a jeep.  I was a bit scared to do this as I had never rented a vehicle in another country before.  But, I wanted to Geocache and explore on my own time and not some tour guides.  It ended up being the best decision ever.  We rode the ferry over and had our rental car by 8:00 in the morning and headed for the Mayan Ruins.  NO ONE was ther when we arrived so we had the whole place to ourselves.  I even planked the ruins!  (picture up soon)  Ater that we headed to a geocache and found a couple on th East side of the island that led us to sme really awesome places.  We finally made it around to the other side and decided we would grab a bite to eat.  Carlos and Charlies it is!  I will say the food and drinks are a bit pricey here becasue it is an island and you are in a touristy part, bu it was yummy.  After that we headed to Chakanaab (sp?)  Where we snorkled and I got a massage on the beach and relaxed.  Jason saw a spotted sting ray and a baracuda and many other neat fish.  The next day all of us went to Rio Secreto (The Secret River)  It was pretty neat as we went in a cave and had to tread water in it. One area they turned off all the lights and we where in complete darkness.  Had a nice lunch there and then back to the hotel for dinner and entertainment. Carlos specials are dangerous, that is all I am saying.  We have some funny stories from this night, but I really do not want proof of it all written down for all to read.  Of course, I am a thrill seaker and I had to try Repelling on more time and wanted to Zip Line so the next day Jason and I did another tour. Mayan Jungle Tour.  Someone was not feeling to swift this morning so the ride there was iffy. (no, it was not me)  When we got there we suited up and immediatly started on the zip lines.  I was ok at first but when we got to the top I started to shake.  Eventually I made it up and went.  It was awesome and I would so do it again. We did 3 total and the last one we landed in the water.  After that we swam in a cave and snorkled in it.  This was awseome and better than the secret river for the same price, just saying.  After that, we procded for a 4X4 jeep ride which was like nothing you have ever done before.  Mexican brakes are literally tyhe guy rund the vehicle into a tree going about 40 MPH.  We then walked in the jungle for a bit to a Cenote where we Repelled down and swam in the cenote for a bit.  Then off for lunch and back to the hotel.  (Most awesome your I have ever done, I recommend it to everyone)  The next day was a day to relax and shop, so off to town we go.  Laurie and I got a one hour massage for 25 bucks and and it was THE BEST massage I have ever gotten. (I have hd a LOT of massages in my life.)  We bought a few souveneirs and then had a nice evening of dinner with friends and staying up late with the hubby on the beach with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  I was ready to see my kiddos but I could so see myself living somewhere like this.  Next time we are taking the kids.  I have so many stories to tell from this week but that could be a novel.  I will say this is one of the best trips we have ever done.  So I have to give a shout out to my friends Alysin and wendy for watching the kids for us while we where gone.  The best part was coming home to a clean house and roses for Mothers Day! 
Now, before we left, I spent a whole day making meals for the kids and their babysitters.  When I came home some of it was still left and I loved not having to cook it every day, just throw it in the oven and voiala, dinner is done and it is yummy.  And in some cases taste better because it has all melded together for a while.  So, tomorrow, I am going to d this again, I will post all of thedishes I make, how I am freazing them and how I will heat them back up.   If you have a family that is active like mine, this is sooooo worth it.  Be on the look out for it tomorrow. 

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